Monthly Archives: June 2020

Winter is coming…

It’s the Summer Solstice today, I believe. My mother would say that after today, it was time to get your fleece back out because winter would be coming. Even though I know that we have a long way to go until the dark winter days, I can’t help but feel like today we have to enjoy the sunlight as much as possible.

In preparation for a late evening, all of the pets are taking a nap at the moment. The square in front of our house is full of people sitting on the terraces. The 1.5m distance between people seems to shrink with the increase in the number of beverages consumed. 😉

This morning we went out early to escape the heat and to pick up the bread that we order once a week. Pickle came along as he was ready for an adventure. It’s not always handy when the cats are along for the walk but it is fairly difficult to persuade them otherwise!

The “intelligent lockdown” has gradually been easing here since 1 June. It still feels weird. With the requirements to wear masks in public transport, I pushed myself to bike to work instead. The first couple of days were tough. I also needed to get lost a few times as I was trying to do it out of directional feel rather than using technology. I think I have a good speed and a good route now. Monday will be the first day I try the commute with the dogs in the basket. They were used to the Metro but it’s too much to manage right now and the bike is better for me physically. I have made special adapted seatbelts for them so they don’t fall out or in the case of George, jump out.

Last Friday, I had a rough day in general. It wasn’t made any better by it being the 4 year mark of Raven’s death. That night, during the hour that he passed, the skies opened up and there was a massive storm. Enough water came down to flood into GG’s Chamber of Stuff. We didn’t discover that until Saturday. Back to the storm, I really felt like Raven was making his voice heard, that he had something to say. I stood at our backdoor and just watched and listened. There’s not much thunder and lightning here so when it happens I pay special attention. This was angry thunder, the big bangs that make you jump.

So I did what felt right, I started talking to the air around me. I usually do this in times of extreme stress or sadness, the moments that I really wish I could hear my Mom. I figured why not try it with Raven too?

For most of the past four years, I’ve shut off how I feel about Raven’s death. There are lots of reasons for that. I still do hope that that it’s all been a terrible mistake and he will come walking through that door again. Much like I still hope that about my Mom. Full of stories about what they have been up to. It’s not going to be that way though. I haven’t stopped loving them and every time I think of them, they are coming through that door, even if not in the way I had hoped.

Olive has just turned over and stretched out the other way, which is a sure indicator that she is on to something. I think I might add my snores to their’s. After all, tonight we have to celebrate!