And so the “bending” starts…

I was looking for the right way to describe how I am feeling today. On one hand, I have been hurtling towards making a major life change and moving overseas which definitely feels like a beginning. And then there is the recognition suddenly that my old life is ending. So, I’ve combined the two words and added my own definition. Right now, it feels like “bending” – both the beginning and the end.

I have nineteen minutes to get my thoughts out before I have to start moving forward with today. Today is a big sorting day since the movers will come on Thursday. I am rarely inclined to want to sort through things. Fortunately, I have a personal powerhouse who will keep me on track. She arrives at ten AM. And since she has the OCD tendencies and energy of a small army, it is conceivable that everything will be sorted and ready for the movers in a mere three days.

So, why am I doing this now? I have friends who I am leaving behind until they can come and visit. A common point of contention between us is that I am not on Facebook or other forms of social media. And they are less connected to email whereas I love email since it can bring the satisfaction of a letter. This is a compromise. I meant to start this earlier but I think is coming to life at precisely the right time, to match the transition that I am making.

I guess the geographical details are important from a context setting perspective. I am moving from Seattle, WA to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The things they have in common are water, rain, tulips (see the Skagit Valley), vegan eateries and good coffee. Over the next few months, I am sure I will find more commonalities. I am fortunate in that I found a job and I am going over there with the ability to bring my pets (leaving them behind would never have been an option) and my Dutch bike and the chance to live deeply. Much more in tune with how I live my life now as opposed to showing up at Amsterdam Centraal Station with simply my backpack and a Lonely Planet guide book. I do mean a print copy! I have done it that way as well and it was an adventure. But that is a method for an explorer-vacationer mindset and I am going over there to live.

Most of all, I am going to honor my mother. My mother of the enormous dreams and no concern for the practical details. She had that strong gypsy drive and explorer heart and this journey is my way of recognizing what she taught us by example – to live in the immediate. Of course, I have to add the necessary organization layer to be true to myself 🙂

So, Mom, I am listening…

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