Fixed the Pictures Link

At least, I think I did. If you are still getting a wonky error, please let me know. Wouldn’t you know it, I set up a link to it, thinking I was being smart but apparently it is clever enough to figure out that the link didn’t come from the email it was registered to. Not sure what the magic is on the back end that makes that happen. It should be fixed now. To be on the safe side, here it is again.
Rain today, cold. It finally cleared up around 7pm and we went on another recycling marathon – plastic, glass and paper. We explored more of De Pijp this time and came back around the small canals that border our neighborhood. I was tempted to go all the way into De Pijp to Sonny’s to get myself an order of French fries (patat frite) with my choice of one of 24 sauces. I think I will save that for the weekend.
Earlier today, on another walk, a very handsome and distinguished older gentleman stopped to ask me for directions. Happily, he was going to my street so it was easy to get him there. He would have been a nice friend for my mom, someone she could have big conversations with and obviously not too dependent. Of course, I am speculating since really we didn’t have a lengthy conversation. I saw him later, he was going into the homeopathic doctor. Which would have been something else he would have had in common with my mom…
Going into the office tomorrow. I like going into the office. It is a good way to stay connected and also because I like going to Schiphol but I covered that already.
Joanne comes down on Thursday as I head off to the wilds of North Brabant for work. It is two hours by train – which in the Netherlands is kind of the equivalent of going 2/3 of the way across the country. Metaphorically speaking, it would be like going from Seattle to Chicago. Let’s just hope the weather holds! It will be a couple of more train stations to cross off my list. Exciting!

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