Playing hooky

The session I was scheduled to go to at 945 this morning has mysteriously disappeared from the schedule. And my second choice session is full so I thought I would sneak away for a few minutes and type.

The best part about being here this week has been seeing people. I am not done yet, I still have another two days to connect and give you a hug and hear what’s new in your world.

I don’t miss living here in Seattle. I am somewhat surprised by that. I still think it is a beautiful city. Everything seems so big here, from the coffees to the yards. And you have to drive most places. The traffic has already made me crazy. I have been spoiled by almost three months of getting around on systems that always have the right of way! Like to get from West Seattle to downtown, a distance of maybe 5-7 miles, took me 45 minutes this morning and there wasn’t even an accident. Just lots of people in their cars all going to work at the same time. In 45 minutes I could have made it to the office at Schiphol and included a stop for coffee, shopping and a bus, a train and a nice walk. It is funny how quickly your perspective changes.

It isn’t difficult to be vegan here either. I thought I might have difficulty readjusting to no cheese. Other than one dairy incident, which should be classified under moral support, I haven’t had the slightest craving for cheese. I do think the coffees here are FAR too large and I don’t want to drink them, too much water.

I know this city, I can navigate it easily like I haven’t been away. It feels familiar but not like home. This is something that I will have to spend some more time noodling on.

In case you are wondering if the pets are missing me, I thought you might like to see what they have been up to while I have been gone. Henry and George took a midwinter beach trip with Renée. They go out with Renée and her group of small to medium sized dogs on Wednesdays and Fridays. So, they don’t seem to have much time to wonder where I am! I posted some of their pictures here

Okay, time for the next session.

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