Home again

On the big bright rust orange couch again with the boys nearby and Moortje peering around like a stealth cat. The wind is howling outside and it is raining. I am glad to be home and using English. I gave one of my fellow students a ride back to Amsterdam. Eliza arrived in the Netherlands two weeks ago. She lives over on the Rembrandtplein. The battery gave out on my mobile before the Nokia lady could finish navigating us to her neighborhood. In the pouring rain, one brand new Amsterdam resident and one less new Amsterdam resident trying to find an address in the dark, while dodging the tons of black wearing cyclists and pedestrians. Anyway, we eventually managed to find Eliza’s street. Of course, then I had to find my way back to my neighborhood. That took quite a bit longer involving traveling under the river IJ by accident and driving around the concert hall at least three times and taking a detour around Centraal Station. 45 minutes to go probably less than 10 miles all the way around. I can manage to make it all the way to Vught but driving in the city is completely a cluster. I think that’s why I prefer to get around this city on foot and by public transit.

Renee left me a note that George hit his head in his enthusiasm today. Apparently, he managed to find a stone wall and gave himself a crunch. I think for George, the next thing will be a helmet. I will need to see if I can find him a small child’s sized helmet. Of course, once he gets a helmet, he will probably expect a scooter next. It is indeed a slippery slope.

While I was gone, my laptop was returned from the repair depot. Yay! I had missed it.

It is good to be home with my pets again. Tomorrow, I definitely have to go grocery shopping. And I definitely do not have to go to any Dutch lessons 😉

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