Changing seasons and perspectives

If you had told me a year ago that I would be riding my bike with heels and my grown up going to customers clothing on, I would have looked at you as if you were visiting from another planet. Well, that’s what happened today. I had a customer meeting outside of Rotterdam and that means that I have to dress in something other than yoga pants and well-loved t-shirts. I had to be there at 930 and the traffic jams between here and Rotterdam can be legendary so I opted for the train. I could have gone with the safe route, taking the bus to the train. I have been watching women bike through Amsterdam with shoes that are completely impractical for anything other than looking at, let alone riding a bike. I figured if they can do it, so can I. And I arrived no less wrinkled or crumpled than I would have been going via car.

Tomorrow I have another customer meeting but in Aalsmeer this time.Sadly, it is not very transit friendly so I will have to drive. I will, of course, recycle my grown up clothes and wear them again since it will be a different group of people I will be meeting with. Ever practical.

George had a seizure today on his outing with Kate. It was short. I suspect it is because he has not been taking his medication as regularly as he should. Often I find the pills elsewhere in the house, where he has spit them out. Even if I hide them in his yoghurt or in a piece of sweet potato. This is a new batch of his regular medicine so I wonder if the coating has some sort of flavor? I have to get his prescription filled at the human pharmacy since they don’t use zonasomide here for dogs. How can a dog who is so naughty sometimes be so cute? Of course, as I am typing this, the devilish duo are curled up next to each other, performing a small dog snoring symphony.

Moortje’s bandage is off. I made the decision to cut it off on Sunday because he was so irritated by it that he was scratching himself all over the rest of his neck and wounding himself further. And after I cut it off, the next morning I found clumps of cat hair all over the house and he was sporting a strange bald pattern on his neck. It looks like the big wound is healing much better though. We go back to the vet on Friday for a check.

The Games Jam 4 Diversity this weekend was lots of fun.It was really impressive and inspiring to see so many talented people united on the idea of making computer games for audiences other than white males between 16-24. There were some very cool ideas and some were already prototyped into working demos. All the creative energy gave me a good jolt of appreciation for living in this city. It was held in the Amnesty International building here on the Keizersgracht so you couldn’t help but feel uplifted.

Most afternoons, I have been working outside at the big weather beaten wooden table in my yard. I like it a lot but on my list of things to get is a cushion for the bench. I have a list of things to get when I finally make it to one of those big yard stores outside the city. I also want to make a small frame to grow grass for George. Maybe 2×2 or so, big enough for him to graze from when he has an upset stomach. I won’t really be planting vegetables this year but I would like a couple of pots of cherry tomatoes.

When I was riding back to the house on Saturday, avoiding the tourists and catching speed on the downward slope of the bridges across the canals, with my basket full of daffodils, fresh bread and tomatoes from the farmer’s market, I was amazed that this is my life now. I live in this city. It struck me again of how fortunate I am to be here. I miss my mom something fierce. That doesn’t let up. At the same time, I have a pretty amazing quality of life. Now if I could just convince you to visit 🙂

My Crock Pot arrived today. I found an eggplant purple one in Germany. I really wanted it to make super hearty winter soups but the weather has changed. However, I am sure I will crave chili again soon and make up a batch. Or bring it to a potluck. Or as they call it here a Dutch party.

Be well, be warm and be secure in knowing that I miss you and am grateful for the friendship you bring to my life.

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