Oh for stylish raingear

Well,it has been raining since 3pm this afternoon. Just a steady, steady rain that alternates every now and again to be more forceful. Yesterday I rode to work. Weather in the morning was fine but by 5pm it was not so nice. And the weather radar showed rain until 10PM which was too long to leave the boys home alone. Of course, I didn’t have a jacket, I was wearing summer clothes and I also didn’t have an umbrella. Sometimes the only thing you can do is throw yourself into it. Which is exactly what I did. If I only had the foresight to bring along laundry detergent, I could have done my laundry as well. By the time I got home, rain had even soaked through my recycled rubber laptop bag.
So, where am I going with this? Well, obviously I am now in the market for some very lightweight and functional bike raingear that can pack down to the size of space blanket. I guess in a pinch I could use trash bags as I saw some enterprising fellow cyclists doing. Ideally, it would be something I could leave on my bike all the time. Of course, leaving stuff on your bike is an invitation to lose things. Of all things, Eliza has had her 1 euro HEMA seat cover stolen twice.
I debated going into the office tomorrow but the forecast is showing more of this lovely pisweer (translation Piss Weather) so I think I will give that a big skip. I expect it will get nicer in time for the weekend. We’re going to take a day trip somewhere on Thursday in honor of Hemelvaart. Saturday the boys have an appointment at the dog wash at 9AM so that will pretty much ruin Henry’s weekend. George will be happy because he likes the attention. And then he especially likes the chance to roll in something stinky to cover up the lingering smell of soap. I know how this goes!
Another banjo lesson tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. Last week was very challenging because I was listening to the voices in my head instead of the music. I am working on trying to meditate those “helpful” inner critics right on out of there. Too bad you can’t stick your anxieties and stressors in some sort of mental health craigslist!
A birthday card came in the mail today. From my dad. It is the only card I got this year because most people are electronically oriented now. I was glad to get it. I save cards. A card still gives a better way to experience a memory than reading something on a screen. I know, could I be anymore old fashioned? I was raised on cards and letters, from my Oma and Opa on the thin, onionskin airmail paper to cards and letters from Joanne covered in stickers. And all the cards from my mom. I am glad I have so many paper memories.

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