I had a banjo lesson today. Wednesday seems to be the day that works best for that. Last week I was really frustrated because I couldn’t hear the rhythm or keep time to it. I noticed that yesterday while I was cycling through the woods to work and rocking out to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis that I wasn’t just singing along, I was actually paying attention to the rhythm! And I could hear it. This might sound like a no brainer to you if you have been musical for a long time. But for someone who is just starting out, this can be a huge challenge. It is also one of the things that has always kept me off the dance floor – the idea that I had no concept of rhythm. This is not to say that you can soon expect me to channeling my inner John Travolta and trying to perform Saturday Night Fever in Amsterdam!

It was a good lesson today. I couldn’t get my E minor chord just right. My nails were too long. Ironically, nail biting is a habit that stands you well as a banjo player. So once again, I had to use my teacher’s kitchen scissors to cut them down. I had already cut my nails before I went to my lesson but they were still too long. They really do have to be around nail biter length.

It is raining right now, which is helpful for my newly scattered seeds. I set them out last night. A full range of things from Brussels sprouts to marigolds. We’ll see what comes up. Speaking of channeling my inner farmer, I ride past Betsy and her piglets every time. Betsy is a refugee from the pork industry and she and her piglets are now forest pigs. They have a little trolley as a barn and can come to the street side if they wish. I like to watch them. I had no idea that pigs could be so large! Apparently, there are also about 12 cows also in the same woods, refugees from the food industry. The animals are allowed to live out their lives there.

Yesterday, I made the commute in 4th gear. That was a heavy ride. My goal is to get to be able to go the whole way in 8th so I have four more steps to go. That might take me a while to get to.

Yesterday was Raven’s 14th birthday. Hard to believe how quickly people grow up. I am so glad he had the chance to know my mom even if he wasn’t always so happy about “Miss Mary”. I remember sitting in Joanne’s Fabrics with the two of them for hours while she was going through the fabrics and decorations to make his first powwow regalia. She spent hours on it. And I remember their competitive Easter egg hunt. But most of all, I remember how much I love them both and what critical parts they played in shaping my life.

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