Another super match!

Watching the match today between the Netherlands and Australia from our big orange sofa reminded me of evenings spent with my Oma watching soccer. If my memory serves, Oma was a Feyenoord fan. I remember light blue uniforms and really bad mullets. And I think that was Feyenoord in the 80s. Oma would be completely engrossed in the match and Opa would be sitting in his chair, doing crosswords. Being able to spend those summers with them was a gift. Even now, so many years later, I can still remember sitting at their dining room table which was usually covered with my latest project involving either alternative music stars, obsessive journaling or naming pictures of horses. That same dining room table that I sat at with them, that my mother grew up with, sits here in the house in Amsterdam.

Tomorrow I am off to Utrecht for a meeting and to give two packs of Daiya vegan cheese to Aster. She mentioned wanting to try it on Friday when she was giving the raw foods workshop. I have three packs in the freezer from my last trip to Seattle so I figured the least I can do is pass them on. It is best melted and I don’t eat that many grilled cheeses anymore.

And in the evening, Jo and Pieter are coming down for Indonesian. I am not cooking! We’re going to Djajo on the corner.

Friday it is back to the office via the bike. That will be twice this week. On Saturday, I will be getting out my leisure suit and getting ready for Tom Jones at the Ziggo Dome. I always wanted to take my mom to see Tom Jones because she was a big fan too. I have a tiny memorial heart with a bit of her ash in it. I think I will take it with me like I did to Andre Rieu.

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