A first date with an old companion

Tomorrow, I will be going on a first date of sorts. Not a blind date because I know who she is. But a first one. I am picking up Astrid tomorrow. I got the call yesterday when I was on the train coming back from Groningen that she was headed to the detailer and she’d be ready to go soon. Robert told me I wouldn’t recognize her. I am excited to have my Astrid back. I can’t wait to see how she looks now, given the nearly month’s worth of work that has gone into her. After 18 years, I guess it was time for a little makeover. I do wish I hadn’t donated all my cassette tapes since her radio works again.

I took the day off work yesterday to go up to Groningen. I walked around a lot and went to the Groninger Museum – my museumkaart works there too! I think it is a really charming city. My Opa was born in Groningen but that’s not what draws me there. The School of Law is there. Well, one of them. I suppose it caught my eye because as I was wandering the cobblestoned streets, the richness of the architecture was giving me tourist-it is. You know, the condition where you are so busy looking up at everything, you wander into oncoming bicycles, you get a sunburn in the shape of your smartphone camera on your face, etc. I had lunch with a friend that I met when I went up to Bad Nieuwschans. The weather turned rainy and I needed to get home to feed the wild ones so I wasn’t able to enjoy any of the terraces.

When I was coming back from my banjo lesson today, I met a lady in the park. It was very interesting, she reminded me a lot of our family’s friend, Lynn Marie. But Lynn-Marie crossed with my mother. She was even wearing a long knit sweater jacket which looked like something my mom would have spent hours picking out the perfect yarn for. And she had hair like my mom’s. And then her eyes reminded me of Lynn-Marie’s. I had been thinking about my mom a lot today, since I had to go to the doctor and they want to know some history. My mom loved Lynn-Marie and she helped me care for Mom. Sometimes I see women that remind me of my mom and I have to work hard to control the urge to run up to them and try to give them a hug. Not ever being able to hug someone again is a pretty grim truth.

It seems that Sunday night will be the Netherlands vs. Mexico. I imagine it will be a good match. I haven’t decided if I watch it from home or if I will try to go somewhere. Probably from home since the Viva Las Vegas vegetarian festival is that day and that will have been quite enough social stimulation!

Going to the doctor was interesting. First of all, people only go when they have a complaint, there’s no concept of a yearly checkup. Instead, according to your age, you are registered for the appropriate screenings for mammograms, etc. But everyone gets one, it is all scheduled through the department of health (or equivalent) that does it. And you don’t pay for it with a copay nor does it matter what kind of insurance you have, etc. I like this idea. Everyone’s health is of value so everyone should get the same screenings, not whether or not you can afford to have a screening. My doctor is on the corner. You go to a neighborhood doctor. Also a plus. They already know me because I get George’s anti-seizure pills there. I still didn’t like being in the office though.

Speaking of George, it’s time to take the dynamic duo for their evening walk…

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