Bamboo, Hemp Twine and Hope

If you combine those three things like I did today, you end up with some very elementary but functional trellises. I am not entirely convinced that hemp twine is strong enough to support zucchini plants but I remember reading that one of the advantages of hemp is its strength. We’ll see how this works. The peas are already turning towards the lattice. I think it is so smart how they find something to climb,within 20 minutes of you putting something nearby. They turn toward it with their grabbers. I know grabbers is not the proper name for the part of the plant but it fits.

I took out two of the zucchini plants today to give to someone, I am not sure they are going to make it. They are looking kind of sad and droopy. I hope they recover. I hate having to thin out plants. But I am working with one square meter of space and even though I will be training as many plants to grow up instead of out, I still had too many zucchini plants. All ten seeds sprouted and grew. Technically, they are Courgette de Nice. And you are supposed to pick them when they are the size of a golf ball. They are a striped green. I am looking forward to seeing what happens.

The rocket or arugula is probably a couple of days away for being ready for the first salad. I love rocket. Sometimes when I run out of romaine for the boys’ dinner, I try to substitute arugula. However, they are particular about their greens and do not care for arugula. They do love avocado. Even Moortje likes it. I draw the line at coffee though. I am not about to start serving Henry and George morning cups of coffee.

We had a nice nap today and then went for a long walk in the park. They were on their best behavior today, not barking at any of the other dogs, not trying to get into the swan pond. George even brought me a spare rib bone that he found instead of trying to gulp it down secretly. I did have a momentary concern when Henry got a little too close to the edge of the canal to keep an eye on all the pleasure boats that were motoring by. However, he didn’t fall in. And if he had, I just would have gone in after him.

Yesterday, I was riding back from the parking garage and noticed a woman walking down the sidewalk. Her dress was made of some kind of synthetic flowery material. She was carrying a backpack and clearly leaving the office. Well, somewhere along her walk, the laws of static electricity came into play and the entire back of her dress was tucked up under backpack. Fortunately, she was wearing a bright white slip underneath. People passed her and no one said anything. At first it almost looked a style of dress. Then at the crosswalk, she dislodged her backpack and eventually her dress covered her bottom again. You can be certain that I will make sure to look at the fabric of dresses that I wear very carefully and I will remember not to mix synthetic with a backpack!

Tomorrow, it’s over to the Viva Las Vegas vegetarian expo. I am hoping to track down some vegan fertilizer for the veggies. I’d rather not sprinkle blood and feathers on my garden. Manure no problem, slaughterhouse by products not so much. Of course, tomorrow evening it is another match. So along with most of the rest of the country, from 6PM Dutch time, I’ll be glued to Nederland 1 on the TV.

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