Without reason…

I am talking about Malaysian Airways flight 17. It is so surreal, especially as each side goes on a damage control campaign. I woke up at 3 AM this morning, thinking about all the families left behind. After that, I couldn’t fall back asleep. I can only hope that it was instantaneous and no one onboard knew what was happening.

I have spent most of the day thinking about these interrupted lives and families. Not only because so many people were from the Netherlands but also because our office is at Schiphol and lots of my coworkers have partners who work for KLM or otherwise at the airport.

A great many of us are due to fly out on Monday and I am sure I am not the only one who is somewhat uncomfortable.

I love being around and in airplanes. However, fundamentally you are sitting in a very fragile piece of equipment and I am always grateful when we land safely.

I always used to text my mom right before the doors closed and right after we landed. Sometimes it was practical, as in “Pick me up at departures so we can miss the traffic at arrivals”. Most often I would get the reply that she hadn’t left yet and I should go to the bathroom and get a coffee and work out any cranky pants behavior before she picked me up. I miss that. I miss having someone want to know where I am and that I have arrived safely. I think it is coming up again too because for the next two weeks, I will be spending a lot of time sitting in trainings and I will still be looking to my phone to see if I have rude and funny text messages from my mom. Even though I know they won’t be coming in, I can’t stop looking.

It is 91 degrees F right now at almost 9 in the evening. Let me tell you that taking the bike to work today was hard work. I am proud that I made the whole commute in 4th but in the heat it felt like it was never ending. You know it is hot when I make ice cubes and actually use them. The pets are all stretched out as long as possible. The benefit is that it looks like the Jurassic zucchini plants are going to flower in the next day or so. All of a sudden, there are buds!

My coworker gave me a ton of organic tuinbonen (fava beans) from his garden today. Tomorrow I am going to make pesto out of them. I will let you know how that works out. They were my mom’s favorite bean and even the dogs like to eat them. I know, what gourmands.

I don’t have many plans this weekend. Mostly try to survive the heat and pack as discreetly as possible without upsetting the pets. They will be in good hands for the next couple of weeks but I will miss them. Maybe I will go to the movies, since they might have air conditioning. It is not that common here, much like Seattle. And of course, I will be ferociously practicing my banjo before my two week hiatus.

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