Buh bye,Hotlanta!

Sitting at the airport, waiting for the next leg. Can I just tell you that I can’t wait to go to Dub Sea and get a really good coffee? Or to take a walk in Lincoln Park with my loaner dog, Denzel (also the half brother of George and Henry)? Or to see all of you lovely people that I have missed these past nine months?

I am curious to see how much the Junction has changed since I was there last. I don’t think I will be doing any Bikram yoga while I am there. I have had enough of the heat to last me awhile!

Tomorrow, I am off to see the kiddo. Actually, since he’s 14 now I suppose that means he is not really a kiddo anymore. It will involve an airplane and a rental car. But I won’t have to worry about not being able to get good coffee 😉

I took one of my coworkers on the MARTA with me this morning to the airport. We got here in plenty of time and walked the concourses. Christian is off to join his family in Florida for three weeks of vacation. Plenty of people from our office are doing that. Since they fly all the way to the US, they might as well take vacation after the trainings. Christian’s partner is the one I accidentally introduced as “his old bitch” instead of his wife because I used the wrong word in Dutch. Fortunately, they found it funny.

I had a really good week if I think about the important things. I learned a lot, I am inspired and I had a very good time getting to know my colleagues. It was as they say gezellig. And even if I had to spend a lot of time sitting, I still managed to hit more than 10K steps per day walking everywhere.

I did a lot of dancing this week. What’s funny is that I notice that the dance music that is so popular in the Netherlands is something I got used to without even noticing. You hear the music and you just move. Doesn’t mean I am going to download it and listen to it at home but out and about, it just becomes something to move to. Before I moved to the Netherlands, you never would have seen me any where near a dance floor. I could be counted on to be anywhere but. A very obvious conclusion is that moving overseas has taught me to be a little more relaxed and enjoy the things in life that are seemingly without purpose, just for fun. HA, reading that sentence really makes me chuckle.

My mom had that. The sense of fun, of being in the moment, of being a clown. I hope I have taken a little bit of that from my DNA and turned it into something that I can nurture.

Going to board now. See you soon and thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Buh bye,Hotlanta!

  1. So how similar is “old bitch” and “wife” in Dutch?! Hahhahah! Can’t wait to see you this week!

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