What time is it, please?

I was up at 346 AM local time and wide awake from that point on. I fired up the Nespresso and moved the boys out to the living room and got to work on my presentation for this morning. I have a feeling it might take me a day or two to get back to the cycle. I did manage to sleep on the plane yesterday so that might also account for some of the wackiness. And yesterday, I rode my bike of course back and forth to meeting Eliza.

When we were flying out, I spent the whole time from takeoff to over the Canadian border staring out the window in awe at all of the mountains and the beauty of Washington state. I wanted to imprint it in my memory. Especially flying past Mt. Baker and looking out over towards the San Juan islands. That stretch from Seattle north to the border is really gorgeous. I’d like to discover more of it so next time I am back in the 206, I want to do some exploring.

The flight was fine, other than the toddler that cried the whole flight in our row. Delta hands out complimentary eyeshades and earplugs now and I made extensive use of both. I think I was so relieved to be let on the plane, nothing was going to bother me. My passport expires at the end of September and I ran into a bit of a hassle. The check-in agent was being told by the system not to let me board because of the expiration date – which completely doesn’t take into account enough logical variables. Like for example that you have an appointment to renew it in the country you are currently living in. Instead, it assumes the worst. However, it was finally resolved when it was pointed out that the Netherlands is the country lets me in and the one I have a valid residence permit for. The US is the one that has the passport rule but I am exiting the US so who really matters in this question? Exactly.

I had a super brunch at Cafe Flora before I left. Yum, I ate really well in Seattle. And I didn’t even go to all of my favorite veg places. After all, I should save some for the next visit. I went to the movies, American style, which was fun. It was definitely easier to appreciate Seattle more this time. I think when I was there in January, it was too soon after the move to really have missed it. Sitting at Lincoln Park, looking at the ferries leaving from Fauntleroy is still something I really like to do. Of course, I would have liked to let Denzel offleash as well but that wasn’t allowed. Silly rules.

Speaking of being away, all the pets are doing well. I didn’t even get the usual standoffish routine from the cats. You know, the “Who are you and why should I care?” attitude that cats give you after you have been gone for awhile. However, two days ago the boiler stopped working so I have to make arrangements to have someone come and look at it this afternoon. I did take a cold shower last night and it isn’t something I would like to incorporate into my regular routine!

I want to share some pictures. I think that when you see them, you’ll get a good sense of why America has the reputation for doing everything bigger. It is kind of overwhelming.

This is one slice of pizza. The iPhone is in the photo so you can get a sense of how big that slice really is!
This is one slice of pizza. The iPhone is in the photo so you can get a sense of how big that slice really is!
Just your popcorn and drink combo at the movies. That's a 54 oz soda! And I think they even give refills.
Just your popcorn and drink combo at the movies. That’s a 54 oz soda! And I think they even give refills.

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