Playing tourguide

Saturday evening I went to de Parade with Marianne and Joris. They graciously let me crash their date. It is in a park and it consists of various tents that offer all different kinds of performances. You can listen to the introduction or preview outside of each tent and then decide if you want to buy a ticket and see the whole thing. And in between are all kinds of food places and wine stalls. You can eat and drink really well. My favorite was the Silent Disco. At first I thought this was a really weird concept and there was no way I was going to do that. Then I realized that I should just try it, no one knew me so what the hell? Silent Disco is that everyone wears headphones through which music is played by a DJ just like a disco and you all dance in silence in a big cage. Here’s what it looked like…


The Move Goddess and her BFF, Rose Princess, arrived Sunday morning. Right now, the two of them are organizing my terrace, pruning back the hydrangeas and generally turning it into something from “House Hunters International”. I tried to half heartedly redirect them but they were on a mission. So, I am sneaking in a quick blog post!

We picked up their bikes today and took a familiarization ride through the park. I am not ready, as responsible tour guide, to throw them into the mess that is biking in the Centrum. We will need a bit more practice tomorrow first and perhaps they will need a couple of beers and then we’ll try the chaos.

Today was a trip to the Rijksmuseum where I left them so as to go on to my banjo lesson. It was a great lesson today. My teacher remarked that it went really well and what had changed about me? Heh. I guess the secret was that I didn’t get mad at myself every time I made mistake today, I just kept going. Oh, and at one point, I asked him to stop playing along on the guitar so I could concentrate. He took that pretty well.


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