Laundry and stuff

I kind of chuckled when the doctor gave me my vaccinations on Sunday and then told me what I would experience. I would get a mini case of yellow fever, etc. Not me, I thought, side effects are for the 1 in every 50 that they are always talking about at the end of drug commercial. But that’s not actually what he said. He said everyone experiences these symptoms. I have been walking around with a set of non contagious illnesses this week. It has made paying attention to people and meetings very difficult.

And tomorrow I start the malaria tablets. Much better safe than sorry and the instructions say to take them daily, at the same time with a fatty food. Actually the literal translation is a fat rich food. Nice. Perhaps ice cream? Or French fries or pizza? My options are endless as long as I remember to take them at the same time every day!

Doing laundry right now and downloading all kinds of things to my computer so I can be fully prepared to teach next week even without internet or other infrastructure. Tomorrow I will drop off Astrid – she’s going to get a new radiator while I am gone.

I will pack tomorrow while the boys are out with their dog group. All the pets get weird when they see the suitcases come out. Moortje has picked up a new habit of sleeping on the dining room table. Don’t worry, it is covered with a table cloth and I swap it out when guests come 😉 He is curled up here right now, snoring. You would think I didn’t have various pet beds all scattered around the house with comfortable cushions! Apparently he doesn’t like comfort while he sleeps either!


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