Back on the couch

Sunday morning and I have already done the grocery shopping, walked the dogs and catered to the cats. And now I am sitting on the couch, with a cup of coffee nearby and two small snorers even closer. After I go to Portugal this week, I will be done travelling for the year.

Getting home yesterday really was an all day adventure. We left for the airport at 5AM Icelandic time and I finally walked in the door at 7PM. Important lesson learned on this journey: flying intra-Europe is very different than long haul flying. Especially when it comes to carry on allowances. However, I managed to sneak all the way through yesterday. On the way out, I had to pay excess baggage fees twice. Second lesson is that it is still so much better to go direct. I will remember next time that time is invaluable. Five plus hours is Gatwick yesterday was over-stimulating and not a valuable use of my time.

We did have a nice surprise on the flight out of Iceland. The two rows in front of us were empty so I became a seat shark and asked if we could move. I haven’t had a row to myself on an airplane in at least ten years so that was an incredible treat!

On Thursday, we left Isafjordur around 930 and had a nearly 450 kilometer drive through the West Fjords back over to the Reykjavik side since we needed to be near the Golden Circle for Friday’s snorkeling. I drove the whole way. Highlights from the drive were stopping off at the geothermal swimming pool that was technically closed but the man working on the building let us in, with the reminder to wash with soap. Icelanders are very serious about washing with soap before going in the water since no chemicals are used. And there are always groups of tourists that don’t do it, causing shock and scandal. It was incredible, it is a proper swimming pool with a deep end. I could have swim in it all day. Near the end, there were rainbows.I took that as a message from Mom, telling me to get out of the water now.

Superheated and back into the car. About three hours later, we stopped in a small town. And while the food selection was lacking, the double espresso was probably the best gas station coffee I have ever had! And that held me over until Laugarvatn, which was our destination for the night. The beauty of the West Fjords is incredible and so is the isolation. I noticed yesterday that after being in Iceland, the sheer amount of people at Gatwick made me nervous and was very suffocating.

At Laugarvatn, we stayed in a hostel that had been converted from the old school. And we had a very good dinner at Lindin after jumping into the geothermal springs and then wading into the lake. The next morning I watched the sunrise. And then we were off for our snorkeling at Silfra adventure.

More later, the boys are sticking their noses into the keyboard!

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