Here comes summer…

Okay, so that is a bit of an exaggeration. However, today is the Winter Solstice and as my mom would say, we would now be heading in the right direction. Of course, fleece is a year round fashion statement and heading towards summer certainly wouldn’t mean giving that up!

We started this morning with George having a seizure. His routine for his medicine has been off for the past couple of days so I am not sure if that is coincidence or not. Regardless, we are heading right back to the regular schedule. And he is no longer allowed to go to the disco at night if they have strobe lighting. I have told Henry that means he can’t go either because they are brothers. Henry is disappointed that he will have to show off his dance moves elsewhere.

Just in case you think I am nuts, the boys really can dance. My mom used to play the Gipsy Kings album Compas frequently and she would dance around to it. The dogs learned to dance as well with her. Even now, if I play the opening moments for that album they start dancing around. No one is going to sign them up for a competition but George can dance on his back legs and Henry tries but is more successful with moves that have all four legs on the ground.

We had a good walk in the park today. Both today and yesterday the weather has been very windy and overcast so we have mostly had the park to ourselves. Which is fun!

I went to the movies Friday night and saw the mockumentary “What we do in the Shadows”. It was hilarious and I was so relieved to watch a movie in English so I got all of the nuances and humor. Yesterday, I saw “Samba” which was also good. However, it was in French with Dutch subtitles so it was a bit of mental effort to follow along. Joanne and some of her friends came to the big city to celebrate her birthday and the movie was a surprise for her as well as the dinner.

It is just barely 5pm and pitch dark outside already. Starting tomorrow, I think I will put out the terrace cushions. Not really but I did plant my tulip bulbs too early because I noticed they are already coming up. Well, they will be punk rock tulips, coming up during their own season.

A few more days of work and then Wednesday evening off to Marum. The church is open Christmas Eve late for a service. I am going to go because part of me wants to walk in the church that was open when my mother lived there as a child after the war. My Oma and Opa and my great grandparents certainly went there. My great grandparents are also buried in the church yard. And I want to feel close to Mom.

Then for first Christmas day, we are gathering at Joanne’s. I will be driving because Sjoerd wants to drink so Astrid will be headed to the north with a full cargo of Sjoerd, Marieke (his GF) , the dogs and enough of PCC’s Winter Caesar salad for 10. Well, and maybe a backup dish in case I mess up the recipe šŸ˜‰

It will be a little difficult. The last Christmas I celebrated at Joanne’s house was with Mom so I still have a lot of memories associated with that. But I will pull up my big grrl pants and make it through. And if it gets overwhelming, I will take the dogs for a walk.

Okay, I have to get started writing my Christmas cards that need to go into the mail tomorrow. Luckily I finished all my US ones last week and they are well on their way. Since this is such a small country, I can put the ones for here in the mail tomorrow and they should still arrive on time.

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