Blah, numbers

I have spent most of the day diving into numbers and spreadsheets for a big meeting tomorrow. Let me just say that at a certain point, I start questioning which numbers are the truth and how do you determine if they are? Which makes the whole exercise that much more painful. Around lunchtime, I took a walk around the block to get a fresh nose as they say in Dutch. It is sunny today and just a little windy so it was a nice pause. The terraces open again officially on 1 March so I am looking forward to that!

I will let you guess which one. One of the dogs rolled in something rotten yesterday because their little jacket stinks. Trouble is, I am not sure who was wearing which jacket since they are both Husky purple. It stinks enough that I don’t even want to put it into the washer until I can get some vinegar to rinse the washer out with afterwards.

Of all things today, I am listening to Dierks Bentley. Of course, the other day it was 2Cellos. And that is a literal description, these two cellists from Eastern Europe that cover rock songs. It is awesome, I feel smarter for just listening to it 😉

Melissa Etheridge is coming to Utrecht in April. I bought a ticket and I am looking forward to it. And I will be going to see the comic Russell Peters in Rotterdam that same week. Way to go culture! Actually, I think it is probably because sometimes I need to hear English so I can feel like I understand nuances and subtext and humor again.

I started reading “Gone with the Wind” again yesterday. I have been eager to reread it since seeing the movie. I want to see how much it differs from the book I read as a much younger person.

Tonight is a Skype call with R. It will be our second such call. I think it will be interesting. I usually have the dogs in my lap so they can Skype as well. Yeah, we’re a tech savvy household. Henry keeps asking for an iPhone 6. But he wants one that has the right screen so he can swipe with his nose.

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