Het zal me een worst wezen

or quite literally “it shall me a sausage be”. You might be wondering what kind of drugs I must be doing. Rest assured, this is a Dutch saying. It roughly translates to “I don’t care”. I think it is hilarious. I also think it is a pretty good reminder to prioritize. I seem to be getting that message a lot lately. Prioritization. Perhaps I have been hearing that message for a while now and ignoring it. I am going to use this expression to prioritize things in my life. If there is a subject that comes up, I am going to think about it. If it gets the mental response of the Sausage Expression, then I won’t make it a priority. I think this will be so much easier for me than the 7 habits or any other popular methodology.

I went to the office today for my weekly social contact and some mandatory training. I walked to the train station instead of riding my bike because my silly Fitbit doesn’t include biking. My less fancy older Fitbit didn’t differentiate, motion was motion. However this one does so that means my feet have to hit the ground. Annoying. At the same time, it was kind of nice to just be walking and not worry about what time I was going to arrive. My most pressing concern was the wind, which was icy. I was smart to take the train because when I saw the freeway, it was backed up all the way due to an accident so I ended up getting to work faster than if I had driven. There’s also something about trains that is comforting, the rocking motion, the fact that you can stare out the window. I like those things and I like train stations.

Tomorrow is my lunch date with Luc. We are going for Turkish in a restaurant that used to be a 17th century protestant church and is now an enormous Turkish restaurant. I have been there before. I found it one day when I was trying to stay dry.

I did get my Madonna tickets. Exciting! Of course, it is not until December so I have some time to wait.

I found a pair of my mom’s gloves that still had some of her hair on them. I put them on today and it felt like I was so very connected to her. I put them away when I came home because I don’t want to use them everyday, just when I need a recharge of Mom.

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