Peace and Quiet

This morning, I am listening to Sinead and enjoying yet another good cup of coffee. The boys are out with Kate so they will be back this afternoon around 1400. This means that for a few hours, I can work without the watchdog services of the dynamic duo. When they are in the office with me, they are very vigilant and very protective. To the point that anyone lingering too long on the street is subject to a dose of “Get away from our house” barking delivered dachshund style. George just sounds angry, like he might blow a gasket whereas Henry has this enormous bass bark that sounds like he is at least the size of a Rottweiler. Naturally, I appreciate their dedication to their work. It is only when I am in the midst of thinking or on the phone that it becomes a bit too much. Fortunately, our work culture is mobile so I am not the only one who shares an office with canine colleagues 😉

I must say I absolutely love Sinead O’Connor. Have for more than 20 years. It doesn’t matter which album it is, I can always fall into her songs and her voice. One of my all time favorite songs is “Last Day of our Acquaintance”. I remember when I was younger thinking it was kind of an odd song. I didn’t really get it. I will say that it is a song that the understanding is improved by life experience. I was talking with Eddie last week about this song and how I really get it now. Whenever I have a conversation with Eddie, I end up learning something, whether it is about music, terrible off color jokes, musician’s tips or a bit of emotional introspection and growth. And all of this accomplished during an hour of massage – which is how we met more than a year ago and formed the basis of our friendship. Of course, Eddie is also Irish so he gets double points for musical interpretation.

It is grey and overcast today which also suits my mood nicely! Too much sunny weather and I might stop being the Queen of Darkness 😉 I believe it is against the QofD charter to have any sun exposure at all, much less enjoy it. Which I do very much. Yesterday I was walking back from the grocery store and I took the long way and just sat on a bench for a good ten minutes, eyes closed, absorbing the sun. I could call it meditation but really it was just enjoying the sunlight and building up my vitamin D.

I just finished printing out my list for tomorrow. At the conference, I have 29 speed dating rounds scheduled. Oy. I am getting introvert panic just looking at the list. They are all strangers to me so that means with every round I will need to start from scratch. Fifteen minutes per round is 435 minutes of talking. Well, at least my math is not introverted.

Coffee is empty so that means it is time to go back to work 🙂

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