Bellydancers and punk rock paintings

Moortje is bugging me this morning. He keeps walking into my office and meowing. Not sure if he is asking for attention or just practicing the art of disruption. In a minute, he’s going to get his morning medicine. Of course, since I said that, he has walked off again.

Tired this morning, a combination of jet lag and being out late. Last night was fun. We went to a restaurant called Nomads, complete with belly dancing. From there, it was off to an old punk rock bar where I made arrangements with the owner to go back on Friday and seeing their oil painting of Henry Rollins that is currently stored in the cellar. As an additional special treat, I got to hear lots of Ramones on their juke box.

Lots of conversation last night, so I can still do that. While there won’t be a second date, we have made plans to attend some concerts together. It is always good to have someone to go and see music with, particularly punk shows. Then I definitely won’t be the only one there who is old enough to have kids there 😉

All in all, last night was a great experience. And while I am not yet ready to consider dating as a sport to take up, it was nowhere near as terrible as I thought it might be. Of course, that could just have been beginner’s luck 😉

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