We’ve moved…

The movers came today and tonight we will sleep in the new house. I have no idea how long it will take me to unpack this time. All I know is that when Cedric arrives in two weeks, he will definitely need to move between the boxes.
In true Dutch fashion, there are no closets. They will have to be built. However I did find the silverware drawer tonight, it is hidden under the stove. That makes me happy since I couldn’t imagine a kitchen without a silverware drawer!
It is a beautiful little house. The pets are a little shell-shocked but they are loving the entire glass wall back of the house and skylights. I think we will be more than okay once we get settled.
Still some things to do at the old house, like dismantling the veggie garden. I have to turn the keys in Friday so I have a few more days. Back to work tomorrow since you get two moving days.
Wishing I had Martha Stewart’s army of minions….

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