Paying for travel

A quick checkin to let you know that since Sunday morning, I have been throwing up, fighting a fever, feeling like something was kicking my skull and stepping on the rest of my body. It got so terrifying that today I finally went to the doctor. She doesn’t think it is a BENDS related sickness, more like something mosquito borne. Either way, I have stopped panicking which helps.

It was really terrifying. The poor pets were practically hostage since I could barely make it to the bathroom to throw up, let alone get functional enough to feed and take care of them. I missed a dinner party, a date and Margaret Cho’s comedy performance. So weird because I was fine Friday and Saturday.

Anyway, I am hopeful that we have turned the corner and I will start getting better. I am grateful to be able to drink and hold liquids down. I am not eager to try food yet, which is okay because I can certainly miss a meal.

Lesson learned is that next time I go to a mosquito country where dengue and other fevers are endemic, I will use the DEET repellant, no matter how bad I know it is.

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