On to the fireworks

which will be no small thing here. I am not telling the boys that it is coming. Instead, I am looking for their homeopathic pet remedy and getting ready for an evening of closing as many curtains and doors as possible, piling blankets on the sofa for them to hide under and preparing myself for a good three hours of holding shaking and barking dogs. I can’t explain to the pets why the boom booms come so we just go through them.

Yesterday, I braved the masses at IKEA to find a solution for my lack of closets. I marched right through to the closet section, grabbed the nearest person wearing yellow and said “I have the measurements and I know exactly which system I want – how to we make this happen?” Because normally they like you to sit down and play with the closet planner app and then go from there. No way, I was not falling into that abyss. Within 15 minutes, I had a printout and a delivery date and all I needed to do was hike the kilometers through the rest of the store to get to the checkout.

I was really disappointed to learn that they have done away with their Dents and Dings section aka AS-IS. That’s always been my favorite part of IKEA. My mom and I would enter the store through the exit because Dents and Dings is near the cashiers. We would scope it out and then go through the rest of the store backwards and return for one last pass by Dents and Dings, since it was always changing.

Anyway, the closets will be delivered and assembled on the 31st. I plan to spend the rest of the day filling them up and finally unpacking the last of the moving boxes so that I can say I moved in 2015 😉 I think it will be a big relief and I will start to feel a little more like I live here. And there will be less boxes for the boys to leave their graffiti on. Yesterday, I caught George doing that bold as you please. He immediately had to go to Time Out. He was actually rather well behaved for the rest of the day. What can I say? I love him but sometimes I want to send him to live with his biological parents…

Most of my colleagues are out of the office this week so this morning has been very peaceful. I’m listening to 2Cellos and listening to Excel grind out power queries. The nice part is not having to compete for network resources!


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