Going forward

into 2016, I have a list of good intentions which has been placed in a sealed envelope and marked to be opened on New Year’s Eve again. It was a really nice New Year’s Eve. I ended up with a few people here til 5am which was unexpected. We had some really good conversation, listened to alot of music and I tried to get them to eat as much as possible 😉 The pets did their very best to be charming and calm and I think that I might do it again. Not very large scale though, a handful of people is definitely enough.

I also met my neighbors that live across the way on the third floor. Apparently, they can see right into my house and do some watching. It was a slightly awkward moment as I tried to think back if I had done anything really scandalous in my living room! They did compliment me on how nice the buildout of my house was 😉

Last night, Marianne and I kicked off 2016 with dinner together at a restaurant that is going on my list of favorite places. We spent 4.5 hours catching up, planning campaigns and sparring with each other. It was such a great way to begin the year and I really feel that if we were ever to set our minds together, we could do some serious empire building. I feel challenged and inspired when we talk. And often, talking with her brings me insights into myself and my reactions, which I occasionally blunder blindly through.

Cycling home past the canals and being struck again by how beautiful Amsterdam is and wondering how exactly did I end up with the privilege of living here, I realized anew how good I have it 🙂

Which is nearly enough motivation to make me say that today, the unpacking will be finished. IKEA came again yesterday afternoon to finish the closets and the bookcases. In theory, now everything should have a place to go 😉  And it will be nice to be able to have my photos out again. After this, my next task will be finding the nerve to make holes in the wall to hang all my Jan paintings!

Oh, and the extra piece of closet ended up going in the guest room. The idea of getting back to IKEA was mind boggling and while I can hear my mom giving me a hard time about my measuring skills, it did turn out okay after all 🙂

I hope your 2016 is off to a lovely start!

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