Three years

I had plans to go to Calle Ocho tonight, to have my mom near me in an environment that promises a Latin America focused kitchen and margaritas to match. It was my way to be closer to her. And I planned to do this on my own. And last night, came the kindest message my way, asking me how I wanted to celebrate my mom today. It was from Marianne. Now I will have company with which to toast my mom and someone who knew my mom. Some times that is the hardest thing, that out of all of the new people I have met, none of them ever had the chance to meet the force of nature that she was.

I’ll leave you with the request that if you haven’t already today, hug someone dear to you, HARD. And tell them that you love them.

P.S. – among the tears, the stories and the wisdom that comes from shared grief, the tequila was excellent and the food was very, very good. So, I have found another side of Mom in Amsterdam after all. It is the sort of place where she could have very easily danced to the music around the restaurant (tiny though it is) and people might very well have joined her.

2 thoughts on “Three years

  1. Caroline, I know today will be really hard. I also know your mom knew the fierce love you have for her. Just remember the incredible pride she would have for what you are doing by living in her native country. Hold your memories and and love for her close and use all that you learn from all of this to take you forward because she is still teaching you.

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