Routine routine

I have a habit of making up words in Dutch, things that I think naturally should be the right form of the literal translation that I make from English. I don’t even know I am wrong until someone points it out. There’s a manager at work that I meet with every two weeks and she has been known to say fairly often that I seem to be adding to the Dutch language again. One of my favorite words that I have made up is regelmatigsche – which is a lovely combination of regelmatig (meaning consistent or regular) and automatische (automatic). Automatic consistency ūüėČ I think this has potential. And it is a good word to describe where I am right now.

I have lots of things to do that need this sort of automatic consistency like my banjo lessons, my Dutch lessons, the care of the pets, the work patterns, getting 10K steps everyday on the FitBit and so forth. I guess I could easily describe myself as a process nerd.Anyway, today I was having a long conversation with my coach and this time our session was over kids and parenting instead of data analysis and forecasting. I felt like I could actually give her some useful information, especially in return for all she has taught me over the past few weeks. It felt good to be useful because over the past few weeks, I have struggled with feeling that I was being useful rather than the bad kid in the class.

Yesterday afternoon I went to Paradiso¬†to see the Tennessee Studs. They are a local bluegrass band of exceptional talent. It was a great way to spend a rainy and cold Sunday afternoon.¬†I hope one day that my banjo playing is that good… maybe when I am 70 ūüėČ

An update from¬†last week, Moortje is not¬†doing so great regarding his blood and kidney values. That was really hard to hear from the vet. Right this minute he is sitting next to the laptop, hoping I will get the hint and move to a more comfortable position for him. I will in a moment because like they¬†say in Dutch “dogs have bosses and cats have¬†staff”.

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