Happy Birthday, Bex!

I will always remember your birthday because it falls on the Ides of March, which my trivia fact storing brain knows was the assassination date of Julius Caesar 😉 So, you can rest assured that I won’t forget it until I start forgetting many other things as well!

Happy Birthday, my tough love friend! Thank you for being one of my external voices that pushes me when necessary and loves me even when I am cranky, unrealistic or not making a choice about where an item should go. I am so glad you have become a part of my new life here as well and not remained only as a memory 🙂

For this coming year, I wish you some extra adventures of your own 😉 I hope that as you travel, you never stop being curious and eager to connect with the people around you. I hope that your kids continue to thrive and that your family has all of the Seahawks madness that you seem to love so much. And I wish that for all of the love that you give out to people, you get it back three times so that you are cluttered with affection 😉 Thank you for being one of the women I share my life with.

Since this is a happy day, I might as well continue the trend with the fact that I have my banjo back. She was in the banjo spa over the weekend getting some railroad spikes as implants and her action lowered. Not exactly sure why it is called that but if makes chord changes easier, I am all for it. I had a double Dutch lesson this morning, 2 hours since I will be in Lisbon next week. My brain is grilled cheese. After that, I needed to ride on the tram, thinking about nothing, on my way to collect my baby.

That means I will be working a little longer tonight since I took a good part of the morning off. It is okay because it is rainy and cold and I won’t really notice the time. I also need to get stuff finished before next week since I will be gone.

I had a good weekend, I met a lot of new women. Saturday night was a cocktail hour which was fun and Sunday was a film at the LGTBQ Film Festival. That’s the nice thing about not having any history here, I am free to meet whomever I want and I am no one’s ex. Of course I have my favorites 🙂 It was also very sunny out so the boys and I spent double our usual time in the park, working on our respective tans!

Okay, I am going to get to some serious work now. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEX!!! XOXOXOXO


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