So unfair

One of my guilty pleasures is the HBO series “Black Sails”. Despite all rational arguments, I really love the series. And I especially love the character of Charles Vane. I missed Sunday’s episode because I was in Lisbon so I sat down tonight with my funky salad and watched it. I wish I hadn’t *scowl* Spoiler alert he won’t be back in Season 4. GRRRR.

GRRR. Again. I will probably need to say that several more times.

It is good to be home. I got home around 9pm last night to the delight of the pets. The flight was delayed so it was a little later than planned.

I am glad today was the last day of work for a few days. I know that I will still do some work over the weekend to catch up from this past week but I have plans for fun as well 🙂

The last time I wrote I wasn’t aware yet of what had happened in Brussels. Everyone I know there is safe. It still seems unbelievable and I will admit that taking the train right now is a little uncomfortable. I noticed from my fellow passengers today that there was a distinct vibe of discomfort in the air. I too was glad to leave the train and get out.

While I was in Lisbon, my laptop bag fell and the glass is now broken. GRRR. Not as bad as Charles Vane because they can replace my screen. But still GRRR. It is not the first time it has fallen and I guess I thought it was pretty indesctructible 😉 It is ironic, I didn’t realize how much I relied on touch under it didn’t work anymore!


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