I seem to like 2AM

Yes, here we are again. 2AM and wide awake. Except this time, the only coffee available is decaf – which I would rather skip than drink. I went to sleep around 10PM and then only fitfully. When I woke up for the third time at 2, I decided to go with it. They say that sleep is important for allowing your brain to process information from the day. Apparently my brain says that it can do that while awake…

After I wrote yesterday morning, I went to PCC for my favorite vegan breakfast – vegan biscuits and gravy piled over a tofu scramble. Okay, it might sound disgusting and even seeing it on a plate is not that attractive but it so GOOD. It is something I try to get every time I come here. It is not always available but yesterday morning I was in luck.

Having lunch with the Rose Princess turned out to be sitting in the sun on park bench, eating apples and cucumbers, while having a really deep conversation. I was tempted to have a bottle of rose wine handy but the US has these silly open container laws. After our time was over, I spent return drive to Seattle thinking about the importance of connections and how we are bound to each other in ways that are often unexpected and unseen at first glance.

My phone has been ringing steadily tonight. It is all work related so I am not answering because technically, it is the middle of the night here 😉

Okay, I think I am going to try falling asleep again since there’s only decaf in this hotel room and I won’t be able to find regular coffee til 6AM 😉

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