Back to normal…

Well, not entirely true. I should say that it’s back to normal plus plus. Which means that I am remembering (mostly) to do all of the things I need to. However, I think it might be a wise idea for me to make a list since I noticed I was prone to distraction today.

Monday and back to full swing, including the office and banjo. Banjo didn’t go so well tonight. I had forgotten my book, forgotten what I learned last week and then had to watch Paul play and copy him. I was getting pretty frustrated and to which he said “Where is that getting you?”all Buddha of Banjo like – which made it even worse 😉 I had to play some mindless chords for awhile until I could start trying the song without cursing. The next student was ten minutes early, which actually turned out to be a lifesaver!

Yesterday, we got Mom’s big picture frame securely attached to the living room wall, which is bittersweet. While I am glad it is up, it did bring a whole wave of emotion and tears with it, for the reason that it is up.

Sometimes, I manage flooding just fine though. 🙂

I had a weekend full of novel experiences, including learning that I really do not like the recorder as a musical instrument to listen to. In a way, I feel good that I supported this type of performance art and I feel equally relieved that I never need to see that particular performance again!

For the rest of the week, I am all over the Netherlands again for work. I was thinking of taking the train to Tilburg but it will take me more than two hours and five connections, which is not relaxing. So, I will be driving.

The code camp last week was really powerful. I gave four sessions for hands on programming of micro-bits to various age groups of girls and women. There was a big difference in response by age group. I think I might have given the teenage group a little more tough love than they were expecting but they were also the group that gave up the easiest. If we want to see more women coming into IT, then they have to know that they will need to keep trying. That’s not just for IT but in this case, you have extra pressure.

I realized again, that’s the type of work I really like to do. A mix of entertaining, empowering and teaching. I have to figure out how to put more of it into my paid work 🙂

Meredith sent out the email last night for the Minion Takeover of Chicago. How well she knows us… It was titled “What’s That Smell?”and it went like this

It’s that time of year again when Chicagoans step outside their doors and wonder what that smell is.  That’s right!  It’s family reunion time!  Caroline will be coming June 2-8.  Cedric and Dylan we hope you can come for as much of that time as your work will allow.  We look forward to making new memories, eating great food, and evenings filled by the musical sounds of the family choir.

There’s something to be said for having a sister in law that can handle a group of such dysfunctional siblings so well. Dylan doesn’t eat carbs, Cedric doesn’t eat fats (although he needs them – no butt to speak of), Rupert eats anything and I do my best to be a vegan. And stuck amongst us all is Meredith, the shortest of the family but maybe the most powerful 😉

Okay, I am procrastinating with Domestic Goddess duties… which to be honest, no one would ever mistake me for. However, I feel like I should make a small effort. Until next time 🙂

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