Coming down

It is Monday morning and the phone started ringing at 905AM. Umm, hello, it will be much better if I get through a cup of coffee first, trust me 😉 Always surprising that people don’t believe me when I say that. Like I mentioned a week ago, this is the time of year that everyone at work turns into a highly stressed automaton with slightly non-working gears. Of course, with the long weekend behind us, I think people are moving forward on overdrive to catch up.

Listening to Red Herring, which is mostly murder ballads and bluegrass by a Dutch band. Really great stuff! They were playing at EWOB and I enjoyed their set a great deal! EWOB was fun, very low key. I did have some serious banjo lust but I knew in advance to leave my debit card at home.

Yesterday was a rough one. My young friend who lost her mother also on 16 Jan but this year called me in the morning and we talked for a bit. This is her year of firsts. I’m glad she called me. It wore me out though and I took a nap, even though I hadn’t been awake for longer than a few hours. After the first nap of the day, I decided to tackle the terrace. My mom was always big on yardening and I figured maybe this would bring me a little peace. I started on it but my heart wasn’t in it. I transplanted the most vulnerable of the plants and did some major weeding but I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I had planned. Of course, it didn’t help with motivation to look at the pets that were all lying in the sun, baking on the tiles! It was 77 degrees yesterday with a breeze.

With my disappointment in my yardening progress, I went back inside and took another nap on the couch. I hadn’t slept well over the past couple of days with all the emotional stuff in my head and sometimes, those things just wear me out. After the second nap, the boys and I went to the park. Everyone was in the park with their picnics, which is too tempting for small dogs who have a tendency to run right up to dozing picnickers and swipe them with a wet nose. So, they stayed on the leash until we got to the “wild” area of the park where it is mostly dog people.

I talked to Cedric last night for a long time. Partly because we hadn’t spoken in awhile and partly because my brother lives in the South and he just talks slow. Although he is says he is right on pace for where he lives and that it is the rest of the world that talks too fast 😉 Since we’re not meeting in Chicago next month, we’re trying to find a time to reschedule.

Okay, I suppose it is time to dive back into my inbox… big sigh…

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