If I am lucky

DPD might have something to deliver to me today! Terrace furniture! I have been checking their tracking site this morning and my stuff is at the Amsterdam Parcel sorting center so will it escape there today and make it to my house? I hope so!!! Otherwise it won’t be until Tuesday since Monday is a holiday.

That would be really nice to have it for the weekend, even if the weather isn’t super deluxe. I don’t have any doubts that the pets won’t be trying it out right away especially as a place to bake in the sun.

I’ve got a meeting this afternoon that I can’t do from home so hopefully, DPD is here before then *fingers crossed*.

I didn’t have banjo this week because Paul has been touring with the headlining act of the bluegrass festival and he needed a day off. Not a big deal but it made me realize how long my fingernails have gotten this week. Definitely in need of a banjo manicure. Maybe over the weekend. First the rest of the yardening πŸ™‚

Wednesday night, on our terrace dinner date, we took the boys. Dogs are allowed here in restaurants. The boys were very good, eventually sitting in their chair and accepting attention from everyone that walked past our table. It was a fun evening with friends. πŸ™‚ And despite all the smells that surrounded them, the boys did not beg and they only barked a few times when there was a passing dog. I think we might do that again one night, since they can be trusted. That’s also when I took a moment to be so very thankful that we are getting to have these sorts of experiences in our collective life!

I won tickets to the movies on Sunday so if the weather isn’t great, that’s a good way to get over it! Other than that, there’s a food truck festival, a long weekend and potluck picnic and who knows what else? Oh yes, and time with GG πŸ™‚

Okay, it is 930, which means I have had my coffee break and back into the work world I go… Have a good weekend!

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