Have you ever seen this?

The day before yesterday, there was a letter that the city would be blocking off our street for the next 24-48 hours because there were 5 trees found to be infected by a very nasty tree disease that is terribly contagious. I have a feeling that it was Dutch Elm disease. Normally this is something that you send in an arborist for and they take care of it. Well, there’s a slightly different angle here. All of the houses on a block are connected to each other. And in the middle is an open space – the inner garden or binnentuin. There’s no access to this place from the street.

So, if you have to cut down five fairly large trees, in an enclosed garden, how exactly are you going to get everything out? Like this…

It was super cool to watch. They were very efficient and were done by yesterday afternoon so today the street was back to normal with the smell of sawdust still in the air.

In the mail today came a birthday card from my dad. It is one of those musical cards that when you open them, it plays a tune. It features a dancing chihuahua and the boys were very, very interested in what was happening.

Tomorrow I am standing before the class again, this time for people who have been looking for work for a while. It promises to be fun. I am a little nervous because there will be a lot of people there and I don’t know much of their backgrounds. It will be fine, I have recruited some of my coworkers to come down and give a few minutes of their time to talk about exciting development topics.

I have a few things to finish before tomorrow, so off I go 🙂

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