A weekend full of music

Wow, Pinkpop was awesome! I wasn’t sure what to expect because hearing that you are going somewhere that 10,000 other people are going to and it is legendary in regards to camping could be a little overwhelming for your average introvert. And if I spent too much time thinking about what that might look like, I thought I might not go. I spent Friday working right up until the time Caroline and her son, Dennis showed up to pick us up. Then it was off for a two plus hour car ride to the south, to Landgraaf.

We had so much fun in the car. At one point, I couldn’t breathe because I was laughing so hard. We arrived in time to see Bastille, James Bay, Major Lazer and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Β It was a great evening πŸ™‚ It was a long drive home but I managed only to snore for about 20 minutes, I think.

Saturday afternoon, GG and I took the boys to a rockabilly festival on the outskirts of Amsterdam. It was the best place for people watching. Henry and George got a great deal of attention, two little hound dogs that they are. I was pretty good, I left with a small glitter wallet instead of the following – which was also available…


a 1972 Chevy Surburban converted over to run on LPG. Which would solve all my problems with going into environmental zones since it is older than 30 years and doesn’t run on gas or diesel πŸ˜‰ GG’s practical question was “Where would you park it? It is enormous” I said the same place I park Astrid, they have truck parking. And then I made the argument that it would also be an excellent camping vehicle – then you wouldn’t need to tow a camper after you.

George was just in a deep sleep, whistling and making all kinds of doggie dreaming noises. I am pretty sure he was not dreaming about rockabilly but maybe about an endless supply of hard boiled eggs and other people food. He briefly woke up to see if I was getting food and then went back to sleep when he realized that I was making coffee. Henry is simply continuing to keep his eyes closed.

Tomorrow it is Monday again – which is fine. That means that I need to do at least six more domestic things this evening. Perhaps you can tell that I am procrastinating πŸ˜‰

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