And here comes the fall…

I know this because with the change in temperature, my nose has started thinking about running. There could be a number of causes. I mean, I did spend two days running around a conference with lots of other people and their germs. It could also be that this might be my body’s way of saying “Hey, you – yeah, you… we know you are looking forward to going to Barcelona next week for work but we’d like a little more down time so we’re going to arrange that”.

This also means that I am already wearing a very vivid set of pjs and have zero plans to leave the house. I ate some baked beans and have a big mug of tea next to me. And then the doorbell rings. Package delivery but I didn’t order anything. I figure it is for one of the neighbors. It is addressed to me, which makes it even more puzzling. Inside are two gift wrapped packages. Turns out one is a dictionary focused entirely on rhyming (in DUTCH) and the other is a book titled “Yankees, cookies and dollars” and subtitled the influence of the Dutch language on North American languages. There’s only one person who could have sent these to me, GG. Sure enough, there’s a very sweet card included and the sender is confirmed.

This is the downside of being involved with someone who is both super smart and super helpful… 😉 This weekend we had the Sinterklaas discussion. This is a big deal in her family. You draw a name and that person gets a long poem and a gift. Then you draw a second name and this person gets a poem and a “surprise”which means you have to make it yourself. Then the remaining people all get a poem. The poems need to be in Dutch. So when I was asked if I would be attending this year, I moaned and groaned about my Dutch language and certainly Dutch poetry writing skills were way too inadequate…especially compared to GG, her sister and her mother. Apparently, they can drop full length poems like without even breaking a sweat.

So, now I really don’t have an excuse. Paul is on it too. When I told him about it at my lesson this week, he was eager to make it part of our curriculum. And has he said, I have five poems to write and not a great deal of time. Who knows? Now that I have a rhyming dictionary, I might develop into a sensation overnight.

Or not.

I didn’t get a chance to tell Little C about The Quest of the Sinterklaas poems this morning. We were too busy having fun. What’s kind of weird is that the nurse looked a lot like my current and her former manager. Enough so that I kept wanting to call her by our name instead of hers. Luckily I managed to hold that in. Of course, after the remark I made that Little C was not allowed to swing from the bars above the beds, the nurse knew not to take me too seriously 😉 Fresh from our morning meeting – really we did actually touch on big data and cross platform mobile development, I headed to the office. I figure someone has to keep the weird in the office going!

They have started gutting the house next door. With the housing market being as tight as it is here, people buy, gut and renovate. This means that probably for the next four months or so, if the dogs bark, no one will notice since there is so much noise from the construction crew. Since you share a common wall, you do hear everything. I was surprised I could hear their conversation.

Tomorrow is Friday and I am glad. One more day in the office – especially to spread my cold germs and then done til Monday. I hope I am fit enough to for Sunday’s Glow In the Dark Mini Golf session. It’s one my chance of revenge against GG for all the Scrabble games she’s won!

2 thoughts on “And here comes the fall…

  1. Ze leek echt op Caroline! Ik dacht al dat ik de enige was die dat dacht 🙂 Thanks for being there xxx

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