Almost Friday

And I can tell you that for sure I am looking forward to tomorrow evening. My last meeting of the day is at 1600 and I know it will “walk out”as the locals say. As long as I am home in time to get dinner on the table at 1800 for two small dogs, it will be okay.

I worked from home today since I was seeing Little C this afternoon. We had a really good nurse today! She was willing to write up the medical report that the following treatment needed to be held on the Grand Canary Islands, that it was a medical necessity. I think that is a great way to use up your medical insurance premiums! She was lots of fun and I hope we have her again.

It was also nice to have a day to work this week where the only surrounding sounds were ones that I was making as opposed to being in meeting rooms or training sessions 🙂 I feel like I have been all over the Netherlands this week… Utrecht on Monday, Oegstgeest on Tuesday, The Hague yesterday and Amersfoort tomorrow.

I have gone into every single presentation worried that I haven’t prepared enough, only to be surprised with the reality that not only do I have WAY MORE than enough information in the presentation, I have actually a little too much of it in my head. Of course, thinking about tomorrow’s presentation, I am still concerned that I don’t know enough 😉

I have some little things to celebrate… The first being that my mentee, John, has found a job in Kenya. And not just any job, it was a position that was created for him after they interviewed him for a teaching position. It is so exciting! He’s going to tasked with drafting a plan for building technical knowledge centers and curriculums for Kenya. They needed someone who could understand it from a technical, teaching and regional perspective. I am so proud, when he told me, I did almost cry!

I thought this might mean that our relationship was coming to an end but we have decided to continue because he wants to get started with his next plan – reaching out to developers with low access to resources and getting them up and running. Of course, I am in!

In something slightly closer to home, geographically speaking, GG and I made it to six months as of Saturday. Kind of surprising considering ALL my quirky ways and how much stuff has happened that wouldn’t really make you think “Wow, is this the relationship for me!” 😉 What can I say? I know that she not only gets my “weird”, she appreciates it!

Next weekend, we are running away to Stockholm for a few days of playing tourist. I am not going to work on my poems for Sint during that time. Oh, and the person that I have to write the longest poem for is her dad. Not the easiest subject…I drew his name in the lotto.

Okay, I am going back to my presentation prep 🙂

2 thoughts on “Almost Friday

  1. Hi Caroline, Congratulations to you and GG! I’m so happy for you both and wishing you all the best. It has been such a busy summer and fall I feel I’m constantly chasing the ball but just wanted to check in with you and wish you every happiness, you so deserve it!

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