Oh, no…

that’s what I thought when I saw the messages come in this morning. Lots of condolences via WhatsApp. So terrible. I wanted to climb back into bed and yell “DO OVER”.

I had to tell the pets this morning that we were not going back to the US any time soon.

You hope that people will surprise you, in a positive way, mostly. I know at this moment the popular vote indicates that HRC is in the lead but with the STUPID electoral system that we have, it doesn’t really matter. I have to take that as one bright spot, at least he didn’t really win based on the popular vote. Or at least not yet, I suppose that will still take a few days to count all the votes.

I came into the office today, I am typing from there now and I just had a meeting with a group of people that rebalanced my sense of decency. They are a small startup making mobile apps, which is cool. What is much cooler is that they work with the Syrian refugees that are processed in the Netherlands to teach them to program, to help them land jobs faster. An hour in discussion with them and I felt like moments like these help with the shock and despair. It could have also been the mix of their entrepreneurial energy and that they were a little bit unusual.

Many of the reactions I’ve heard today from people I know is a determination to double down and do things that make a difference. I like that. I think it is a very healthy way of giving the finger to the coming Administration and not buying into the BS. And in the meantime, I’ll be playing the Ramones at full volume…

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