Empty Nest…

I am working my way through an enormous salad and there’s no sound except that of George jumping up against my leg to convince me to give him some more avocado. GG and I went with Rupert and Meredith to the airport and then after coffee went our separate ways to work. After being with people constantly for the past two weeks, it seems strangely still.

I did immediately turn the heat down to 17 degrees when I came home today. 😉

We spent our last day of this trip bowling and hanging out in the neighborhood. Which was a wise choice considering the weather was stranding some trains. My bowling arm is not quite what it was, if it ever was. However, I did manage to only bowl in my lane this time. Small steps!

The office today was crazy. It felt like all 700 employees were there. Partly because they were making some big announcements today to clarify other big announcements from last week. I did my best to try and hide in the study carrels section so I could get through all of the mail that I did read but not answer on vacation. People still found me so it wasn’t quite as effective as I would have liked.

I also had the awkward conversation today with my manager, since we haven’t talked in two weeks with the holidays. She wanted to know where I was in the process of leaving and I told her what I was waiting to hear. Which convinced her that the other company is going to extend an offer so now I have a flurry of meetings scheduled over the next few days with other people she would like me to talk to before I make the decision to leave.

We’ve got some great photos from this visit. Over the next few days, as everyone adds theirs, I am going to enjoy looking through the ones I want to print. There’s one of Dylan on skates with gluhwein that is definitely a candidate!

And in between the loads of laundry, going back to eating salads and other healthier things, I will try not to miss them all too much. 🙂

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