Hearts and Minds…

I am flying high right now! This afternoon, I went to the Amsterdam location of the national refugee centers – which is located in an old prison – and sold them on the idea of basic digital literacy classes for the people who are living there. Overall Dutch society is fairly digital, banking everything. People need these skills to be able to navigate and most of it is in Dutch which is even harder.

We’re starting with a weekly class and from there will look at creating other cohorts based on demand and interest. I was very relaxed for me, I suggested that we have the classes for 2 hours instead of 3 – which is a little intense if you are just getting started with computers.

There are 650 people living in this center and I don’t think all of them will be interested but I hope that we will be able to reach a good portion of them. I AM SO EXCITED.

Last night, we went to see Shovels & Rope perform. I had listened to them and asked GG if she wanted to go. I lost a bet to her about the strategy that the management would bring to me regarding my job situation. The price was dinner but she forget to specify where. So, on the way to the ferry to the concert, I took her to dinner at the snackbar Smuller’s in the middle of the train station 😉 She has made a note to specify in future bets the exact terms… It still makes me laugh.

Tonight we’re going to something different musically. The Dropkick Murphys at the Heineken Music Hall for a good dose of Boston Irish punk. Sunday night, we’re going to Sabaton – which is Swedish heavy metal who’s lyrics are all about military campaigns and strategy through history. Rock for History nerds 😉 In case you are wondering, all the concerts this week are my influence on GG… she’s much more highbrow!

Okay, back to pay full attention to my Skype meeting on Accessibility Testing.


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