Plastic wrap, a blonde, latex and body paint…

It rather sounds like a stereotype of what people think happens in Amsterdam, doesn’t it? Well, before I get credit for a more exciting life than I have, I should disclose that it all happened in the context of Little C’s appointments today in the hospital.

Since last week, we’ve been meeting regularly in waiting room B3 for her daily radiation. Today, after radiation, we got to go to the Special Effects room. It has a fancy French name that makes it sounds like a Michelin starred restaurant. But really, it’s where they make the body armour from latex and silicone for later on during the radiation treatments – somewhere around treatment 15. Of course, we were super curious about every step of the process. The tech was really excited to talk so much about his work and walked us through every detail, including how to start doing this at home. If you should want to, of course.

I’ve figured out how to get to the hospital via bike now that the spring weather is here. It’s a good ride, takes less time than by car since I can park right out front of the entrance – and I don’t have to pay for parking 😉

They have “invited” Little C to come five times a week. It is a five week cycle so that means we will get plenty of stamps on our coffee cards…

I noticed when I walked in the entrance today that the hospital has a strange aroma of urine and bacon mixed together. I am pretty sure that’s not a new line of industrial air freshener. At least, I hope not.

The radiation techs are used to me now. I try to meditate while the treatment is happening and match my pace to their instructions over the speaker to Little C to breathe in, breathe out. It’s a little fast to be restful so I will have to keep it at my own pace. The tech asked me if I did that every time? She just noticed it for the first time today – I think she thought I was taking a nap in the chair previously. I should tell her that if doesn’t sound like there’s a hibernating bear in the room, I am not napping 😉

Twelve more work days of this job, thanks to the 4 day weekend for Easter. I am taking the last week of the month off so that I can start in the right mental space on 1 May. I am a little anxious that I don’t have enough ability to think deep thoughts anymore to tackle this work. However, I know that’s not something I can’t start doing again, once I shift gears. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself!

George is back to his normal self, his stitches healed beautifully and that obnoxious collar is gone. He’s much less accident prone now. I think it must be a relief for him. I know it is a relief for the rest of us not to hear him crash into things!

Aside from that, spring is here and I am reminded again of what a beautiful city this is!

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