Sad that it went by so fast

it’s the tail end of Easter weekend here. For us, it is a four day weekend, which seems like such a large amount of free time on Thursday evening. The next thing you know, it’s already Monday night *sigh*.

Let’s see, aside from the fact that it was Easter, Saturday also marked one year with GG. In true to us fashion, she had dinner and theatre ticket plans with her best friend and I was hosting 28 women at the meetup. This pretty much describes our relationship very well, two independent types who happen to like being together alot but not at the expense of our individual selves 😉

This morning, we drove down to Delft, where GG’s sister is in the process of renovating her new house and had Easter breakfast with her sister and her parents. Henry and George were also along for the festivities and greatly enjoyed their own personal Easter eggs.

Then it was off to the garden center to score a weed whacker – for the small amount of grass that I have, some new plants and a new bed for the boys. They were pretty happy about that, George has just come over to climb into it. I figured it was about time to put their car seat back in the car and I had a 25% off one item coupon!

We’re counting down, four more working days to go. On Wednesday night, the team members I am closest to are taking me out for a farewell dinner.

And as for Little C, on Friday, we had the visit with the doctor before the trip to the holodeck. She has three more to go. This Thursday will be the last radiation. I’m excited for her. It means that we have three more tries to figure out how to get our portraits hanging on the walls of amidst all the important people. We thought it might be fun to see how long it took people to notice…



2 thoughts on “Sad that it went by so fast

  1. Congratulations to you and GG!!! So you will put your photos on the wall? That is awesome, Hahhaha!

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