Hey Rupeeeee…

Yesterday the mail came through the door with an unusually loud thunk. I don’t get much paper mail so this was a call to strong to resist. Even Henry and George had to come along to check it out. Turns out among the ads, there was a bright orange envelope with a Chicago return address. Woohoo, a card from Rupert and Meredith! Not just any card either, it plays a unique soundtrack. I’d like to share this with you…

GG and I have opened the card multiple times for the humour of it! I know, I will be 44 on Saturday and I am still laughing at things like this 😉

What really is a scandal is that I haven’t sent Rupert his birthday card yet. Now the challenge is finding an equally appropriate card. It’s something I am going to put considerable effort into. I can’t have a Cher moment and “Turn back time” but I can send it with extra postage, to support the postal carriers of both countries. Seven different reminders just popped up to tell me that today is Rupert’s birthday.

Rupert, congratulations on reaching 39, with none of your hair intact but all of your teeth. That’s a milestone of itself. Thanks for being part of the dynamic duo of R&M and always being up for teaching the family about the importance of fun. I hope that you never really grow up 😉 When I hear really strange Dutch words and phrases like “Gebrouwen door Vrouwen”,  s’Hertogenbosch or Texels Scuumkoppe I can hear you say “Watch your mouth”and it never fails to make me laugh. Tonight, while I write this, I am toasting you with a Gin Weizen from the above mentioned GdV. 🙂

I’m so glad you were here over the New Year and I know that we’ll be meeting up again this year, in the mountains of North Carolina to play Family Survivor. I am really proud to be your (big) sister and can’t wait to hear you laugh again!

A big Squeeze from the big Cheese xoxoxoxoxoxox



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