Two big steps…

I have taken two tonight. The first one was sending away for an information packet for becoming a therapeutic foster parent in the Netherlands. The second was signing up for the Attention pilot program for work and taking the first steps of the program – turning off all notifications on the computer and the phone.

I think it was last week I went to an informational evening on being a meeleefgezin (living with family). It’s basically a committment to a family where the parents have some mental health problems and a child under the age of 5. The program means that you take the child one day a week and one weekend a month, in order to give the child and the parents respite. I know how important mental health can be for young children. At the end of the evening, I wasn’t quite ready to do it. For starters because it is strictly volunteer and I have my doubts about how well that kind of program can work in the long run if it doesn’t have any infrastructure behind it. Secondly, little kids are not really my best area. I tend to have a better click with 8 and up since they can tell me when they need to go to the bathroom. Also, I didn’t want to commit to a set day a week.

So, I can imagine why you might be asking why am I sending away for information on becoming a foster parent? Well, because I might be okay with crisis care or weekend respite. There’s a shortage of places for both and I think that’s a good place for me to think about starting. At this point, I am only collecting information. Since there are rules for everything in the Netherlands, if I start reading the pamphlets (in Dutch) over the weekend, I might get through them by next week.

Tomorrow’s the end of the fiscal year for us. Doesn’t impact me much since I have a new role now. My little team of interns and I will just keep plugging along. Today we met the most fabulous woman from Rotterdam who is running a program to teach youth and refugees skills to become electricians and installation techs on the big skyscrapers. I can’t wait to work with her.

Then this afternoon, we met with someone who is setting up a cybersecurity lab in the Hague for students and teachers to learn and consider IT. I think I might have run over him in my enthusiasm but on the plus side, I think we can work something out there too.

My biggest challenge is knitting all of these little initiatives and projects into one national plan. I hope I am up for it since administrative bullshit is not my greatest strength 😉

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