On the way to Sin City…

There’s quite a bit of turbulence today and Ruth the Purser keeps needing to get on the PA system and tell people to take their seats. Ruth seems like she is a little stressed or it could be that there are a large number of passengers that don’t seem to realize that turbulence is not a special effect and when the flight attendants are sitting down, your ass probably should do the same!

Let me tell you, Andre Rieu was great! I fully recommend making Reservations for dinner on the great square instead of buying regular tickets to sit in the concert area. I think my mom might have been around. While we were at the long table, the people next to us asked how we came to find Andre Rieu and I mentioned that my mom had been an enormous fan. All of a sudden, a big piece of bark came falling from the tree above me and landed right in front of me. I took it with me, thinking it would be a nice souvenir. However, we kept talking about my mom and at one point GG got a little teary eyed. Guess what happened then? Something else came falling from the sky! Right at that moment, I was gifted with some pigeon poop right on my shoulder. Even better, GG got three separate deposits! Clearly, my mom was mixing things up, things must have been getting too serious. Or maybe she really wanted to make GG feel welcome 😉

It is true, David Hasselhof was the special guest. Only for three songs and once he took to the stage, the entire square of nearly 11,000 people went wild. It was impressive…

On the other end of the cultural spectrum, there were 65,000 people at Guns N Roses. I bought tickets the day they came out last year. We went with Little C and her oldest son. It was excellent. They certainly know how to rock. They seem a little tense with each other but as far as playing together, it was amazing!

I want to add some pictures to this post but the bandwidth of GoGo Inflight is not really up to that kind of exercise so I will try to do that later from the ground.

I have some agita around going to Las Vegas. I think I have only been there once. I think after one trip there, Reno and Lake Tahoe were alternatives I liked more. I think I am definitely going to be overstimulated from all the lights and nonstop racket. Normally I would roll with this but with all the new things lately, I find myself craving quiet more than ever. I am going to try to build some time into this week that isn’t sensory overload. For example, on Sunday morning, my old manager and I are going kayaking in the Black Canyon. I think this time, I will want to fall into the water, as opposed to when I did it last time in Iceland 😉 There are also some volunteer activities available, like reading out loud to a classroom, etc. I signed up for that.

In previous years of attending Nerd Camp, I always had a team to connect with or a community. Now with the reorganization and with my new role, I feel like I don’t know anyone. Which is ridiculous because I know plenty of people. Whether any of them will be in Las Vegas too is unknown. Okay, the recirculated cabin air is pushing my eyes closed 🙂

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