It’s taken me a week but I am finally feeling back to sorts. Last Saturday, I was so eager to get out of the overwhelming Sin City that I was on a shuttle to the airport 3.5 hours before my flight left. And still, they managed to reroute one of my bags to SLC instead of on to AMS. Luckily, it wasn’t the tortilla suitcase – to the relief of the dogs. I have to say, I was probably overdue since it is has been about 10 years since I have had a suitcase not travel with me.

Of course, I stayed awake the whole flight from LAS to MSP and then on to AMS. I can cross the following movies off my list, having viewed them on the airplane – Hidden Figures, The Zookeeper’s Wife, The Hangover, Beauty and the Beast and one other which escapes me at the moment. At the end of next month, GG and I are flying to the states for the annual siblings week – this time to be held in the mountains of North Carolina. Or another chance to binge watch movies 🙂

My interns are off this week, having vacation time with their families. It’s a nice break for me as well, because it means I can focus on getting some things done. I love their enthusiasm and the belief that anything is possible – it’s a great antidote to always doing things the same. However, it also means that I am very conscious of being sure not to discourage them. I try to redirect them. Which then makes me wonder if I am not being fair to them? I mean, at the end of their six months, they will go on to other companies and other experiences in their life. I am going to do some thinking about this over the weekend and before I see them again. I spoke with John today and he shared some of his thoughts and experiences with me from his internship days (like a year ago). He leaves Sunday morning on his first airplane ride to go from Nairobi to Kigali, Rwanda to start graduate school at CMU – Africa. I am really proud of him.

While I was in Sin City, the banjolele arrived. It is indeed disco purple and is a fine, portable alternative to my big banjo. GG, being a musician by long training, was able to pick it up and play several recognizable songs in a row. Me? I took it to Paul and got some lessons on where the basic chords are 😉

Tomorrow I am off to Den Haag for my Lean In Circle meeting. I am meeting them for the first time so it should be interesting! The topic for tomorrow is what to when you are in a culture that does not want to change? 😉 Very fitting.

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