Oh, how much I disagree with the statement that “Downward Dog is a restorative position. Breathe deep and find your relaxtion point”. Yeah, as if bracing yourself on your hands and feet with your tail bone pointing to the sky is restful!

You guessed it, two nights ago I went back to hot yoga. Last night, the instructor stopped me after class to ask me what I was hoping to get out of the class and that she had noticed my flexibility. I thought to myself “not sure what yoga has done to benefit your eyesight if you think I am flexible”!  However, I wasn’t about to ignore her and wanted to also to really think about why I started going again.

Stillness. Or should I say more about the ability to slow down and be present. To find a redirection for the inner voices, to take the advice I am able to give others to heart myself and really to be less of a stress ball.

Since I returned from Sin City, I’ve had a headache that tends to move from the front to the back. It’s not all the time but seems to make itself known after long periods of tension. I know I am not sick because if I put lavender oil under my nose, the pain goes way which means it is definitely stress! Why, yes, I do play a doctor on TV 😉

I’m doing a whole lot of paper and pen work these days. Which is nice because it gives me the feeling that I am really creating something. My team is chugging along. Under the radar, we are doing some really cool stuff.

I realized this morning that the boys are going to be 12 next month. I had to check their pet passports to be sure that they weren’t lying about their age. Luckily, since they are small dogs, that is the equivalent of about 64 instead of 84 in people years. Still plenty of energy for playing shuffleboard and romancing their fellow passengers if they were on a senior cruise 😉

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