That wasn’t supposed to turn out that way…

I think I mentioned that last Friday we were at the house that we hoped to move to and turn into a community space with our home attached to it. AKA the 428 year piece of history. We had a plan of action, talked it over with our no-nonsense broker and thought we would see how it played out. This morning Sabine called the sellers’ broker to put forth our offer. Well, the answer was the equivalent to “Beat it, nerds. It sold yesterday.”

What are the odds? The house has been on the market for 5 years… Then again, maybe that’s the role we were supposed to play. Using our plans for the house to generate interest from others. GG got in touch with the owners to congratulate them and from their response, it sounds like it was an investor. I hope that the new owners take good care of it and don’t strip everything and leave up only the facade. I’m going to focus on the idea that the right people found the house.

In turn, we’ll keep looking. I think I was more disappointed back in the beginning when we were not in agreement over taking the financial risk on such an big project. Now I am a little relieved that someone else has the task of replacing 2.5 kilometers of electrical wiring 😉

The good thing about Europe is that there are tons of old buildings. If you have the patience, there will be plenty of options to think about turning into your own personal version of the movie “The Money Pit” 😉

I am skipping yoga tonight. I am experiencing this fun side effect of becoming completely hyper after I leave the studio. The Relax class is actually having the opposite. Or maybe it is that I am so recharged after the class, I must go right into Power Mode. 😉 So, tonight I am trying a little experiment to see if I am tired and go to sleep at a normal time.

Tomorrow I am meeting with the housemate of one of our interns. The housemate is doing a research project on Generosity. She wants to talk to me. I’m hoping to understand her research because maybe there are things we can use to encourage more people to volunteer at work. The intern, not on my team, came to me on Monday, wanting to know more about how she could function as a an ambassador for women in technology. From that conversation, I’m now also talking to her housemate. GG has asked me repeatedly when I am planning on opening my own business 😉

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