Maybe we should refocus…

I just threw the idea out there that maybe we should stop looking for a house to move into together and instead focus on finding a vacation cabin in the woods somewhere and seeing if that doesn’t release the pressure. Interestingly enough, Little C said at the very beginning of this search that we should just look for a vacation cabin and not move out of Amsterdam.

I’m getting a little frazzled by all of the variables to consider. And to which region of the Netherlands. Today we added The Hague back into the mix because of it’s proximity to the beach, old houses, a good vegan scene and the proximity to the EU – in case GG decides to change jobs.

It’s a tough one because Schiedam keeps coming back up as the perfect place but there’s just NOT enough for sale there that fits my picky list. So now I have to figure out if I have the patience to wait it out to see if something comes on the market, or if we end up somewhere else or if we stay put and buy a cabin.

Yesterday marked a significant moment. We put the first things in motion to set up the Do Good Only Foundation, in honor of my mom and her wise words. So, we’re starting small scale, helping change one life at a time. Like most things, there’s never time and money in the same place so it’s time to get it started. 🙂


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